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Why Own a Labrador Retriever?

The Labrador Retriever is among America’s most renowned dog species, and it is simple to see why. These outgoing, affectionate, active dogs are family-friendly all-rounders, equally in the field or at home on the couch. Their name is deceptive, though, since they do not originate from Labrador but Newfoundland where they used to work as fisherman’s mates and duck retrievers until English nobbles purchased the species to the United Kingdom in the 19th century and set about enhancing and standardizing it. If you are considering taking a dog to your home, you will be okay with a Labrador retriever since it has several advantages such as these:

Labrador retrievers are typically healthy dogs. This species is typically healthy from an overall viewpoint. Responsible breeders will test for problems such as elbow and hip dysplasia issues. Heart disorders, eye conditions, and muscle weakness can happen in this species at times. A condition referred to as Exercise Induced Collapse can also arise in some young adults. These minor conditions can be discovered with an easy vet test. You will want to inquire about elbow, hip, and eye tests to ensure the most widespread health conditions are not in your dog or that you can create a treatment plan for them. Also, consider an EIC DNA exam to eliminate the risk of sudden collapse.

Their soft mouth is ideal for fetching. In the earlier days of Labrador retrievers, these dogs were selectively bred to urge the retrieval of different prey while hunting. Labs can track down ducks and other birds, exceptionally well, and this trait permits them not to damage the catch for it to become usable food. This practice of not biting down approximately applies to all kinds of play, the reason it is safer and simpler to train Labrador retrievers not to bite. They could feel threatened, but a destructive blow tends to be occasional.

Size is rarely an issue when possessing a Labrador retriever. Unless you’re a tenant where the size limit for a canine friend is 40 pounds or below, a Lab is a good dog who’ll stay with you nearly anywhere. Their affectionate nature will often turn the most obstinate landlord around as well. Expect to pay a huge security deposit and more rental fee if you lease, but that is the only issue to be keen on when owning this dog. This species does not get very big to an extent it’s unmanageable; however, they aren’t so tiny that you worry about what arises should they get underfoot for some reason. Labs also make the ideal lap dog, even though only half of them will fit here at any given time.

Labs are stable, outgoing dogs. Although all breeds can have specific dogs develop problems that can promote unpredictability in their behavioural reactions, mood, and character, Labs are generally happy and sweet most of the time. They relate with humans on a demonstrative level, which makes them effective support dogs. You’re nearly guaranteed a smile daily when you share a home with this species. So long as you’ll afford some time out of your schedule to play, be it out at the seashore or out in the courtyard, you’ll have an eternal friend.

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